Yamaha Restio speaker on a pole wins design award


TOKYO–Window shopping in the tony Tokyo Midtown mall today, I came across these beautifully crafted speakers from Yamaha, which just picked up a Japan Good Design Award for them.

Announced last month at IFA 2011 in Berlin, the Yamaha Restio ISX-800 is a free-standing speaker system for iPod, iPhone, CD, USB, and external sources like radio, TV, and game consoles.

The Restio was designed by Yamaha’s Masaharu Ono and has a small, colored LED screen that displays the time or track number for an audio selection. It also has an alarm clock function.

The player is about 40 inches tall on its stand, which can be removed to mount the main unit on a wall. You can get a better idea of its size in the promo vid below from IFA.

Yamaha’s list price for the Restio is a hefty 88,000 yen (about $1,150). But the speaker sound was excellent during the brief time I spent with it, and I’d definitely take one home if it could fit in my suitcase.

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