Nissan smart home powered by Leaf battery

Nissan's Smart Home sits on stilts above a parking area.

Tim Hornyak/CNET)

MAKUHARI, Japan–Following the March 11 quake and tsunamis in Japan that caused widespread power shortages, the Ceatec 2011 electronics trade show outside Tokyo is taking up electricity savings as a major theme.

Nissan’s NSH-2012 Smart House of the Future concept is part of a Smart Community Zero zone showcasing technologies that operate off the power grid.

The house stands on stilts to maximize space, with a parking area underneath it. Aside from solar and fuel cells that help make the home independent of the power grid, the polyhedral structure can draw electricity from the battery of an electric car such as the Nissan Leaf.

This Vehicle to Home, or V2H, system would provide power to the home in cloudy skies or the event of a natural disaster. Nissan said the Leaf’s battery pack would be able to power the house for two days.

Other residence concepts on display at the trade show included plans for Panasonic’s … [Read more]

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