DoCoMo battery phone case recharges in 10 min

DoCoMo's battery case is portable and recharges in 10 minutes.

Tim Hornyak)

MAKUHARI, Japan–If you forget to charge your phone overnight, NTT DoCoMo has a prototype case that can do the job.

The prototype super-fast rechargeable battery case, being shown off here at Ceatec 2011 takes only 10 minutes for a full charge. When your phone battery dies, just slip it into the case for a recharge.

You still have to charge your phone at the regular speed, of course, but you have a portable source of power that’s fully juiced in minutes.

That could be handy if you’re not near a power source.

The case uses a lithium-titanate (LTO) battery that’s much faster on a recharge than lithium ion.

It’s similar to Toshiba’s Super Charge Ion Battery, which can recharge in 5 minutes and lasts for 6,000 charge-discharge cycles.

DoCoMo hasn’t said when the battery case could hit the market, or a possible price.

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