Sprint 4G WiMax phones (roundup)

Sprint was the first carrier in the country to venture forth into the uncertain waters of 4G with the HTC Evo 4G. Unlike the other carriers, it decided to opt for WiMax as its 4G technology, which gave it a significant head start in the speed race, as Verizon and AT&T scrambled to get their LTE networks up and running. Now that Verizon has its LTE network going full force and AT&T has finally rolled out its initial LTE market, Sprint may have bet its dollars on the wrong horse. Yet, Sprint has said it’s open to an LTE transition in the future. In the meantime, Sprint’s 4G phones do exhibit quite a speed boost, as long as you’re fortunate enough to be in the right area. Here’s a roundup of Sprint’s 4G phones that we’ve reviewed recently.

The HTC Evo Shift 4G is one of a few 4G handsets to have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, and it’s also one of the more affordable 4G phones. It has the Evo’s eye-catching style, and though it lacks a few higher-end features like a front-facing camera and an HDMI port, it’s still a decent 4G phone for the price. Staying in the HTC family, the … [Read more]

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