Holographic radar tracks 1,000 mph shells

Cambridge Consultants)

Technology development firm Cambridge Consultants has created a military targeting system that can track 5-inch shells traveling more than 1,000 mph, allowing gunners to improve their shooting.

The system, which the company calls the first of its kind, is based on a 3D holographic radar known as the Land and Surface Target Scorer (LSTS). It can track highly mobile targets in a cluttered radar field.

In recent trials at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, the radar system was mounted on a tethered pontoon to track projectiles in a 360-degree, 1,000-foot coverage zone.

The LSTS tracked the trajectory and burst points of inert projectiles fired by a naval gun at a rate of one per three seconds. A laptop showed the results in near real time.

The system uses algorithms that separate small projectiles from intense radar clutter. The Department of Defense had commissioned Cambridge Consultants to develop the shell-scoring system to defend against rapid, small-craft attacks and help reduce the cost of live-fire training.

“Prior to the LSTS system, the only way to know how effective shots were was if they sink the boat using high explosive rounds during live fire training,” says Gary Kemp, Program Director at Cambridge Consultants.

“The LSTS system will enable the mi… [Read more]

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